About this Project

How does the whole process take place?
The growth achieved by this innovative Secret Giveaway technique is a new trend that has been underway for a few months which allows those who know how to manage it well to achieve in a very short time, from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 7 days, a large amount of followers all REAL and ORGANIC. Growth varies with the type of giveaway that is organized, but above all the sponsor that will be involved. Growth is estimated to range from 1k to 15k.
New instagram algorithm
The instagram algorithm changes often, have you ever wondered why? Change to get to become instagram like facebook, or total reduction of the organicity by hiding the published photos. How do you partially solve this problem? Paying the ADS! Instead, we beat the algorithm without waging any war, without using BOT, but simply resorting to influencers in a strategic way.
How do Giveaways help?
The secret Giveaway is not a technique that is based on the use of BOT, rather it is completely organic and is based on the help of influencers. In this way no one is at risk with their profile, because we are not violating any term and condition that instagram imposes on everyone, namely the use of BOTs, to which it has declared war for more than a year, which probably will win in the long run also. When influencers post photos or stories for giveaways, they are not violating any rules, and therefore always have their maximum exposure they normally have. So we beat the algorithm and get thousands of real and active followers, the ones that instagram every day always tries to prevent you from getting away from visibility.