About this Project

This web-portal is created for convenience and a healthy relationship between the Buyer and the Sales Unit for our products. We wish these products to give our customers maximum satisfaction and fulfill all the expectations they have for them. Therefore, in daily contacts, we will continue to work with our manufacturers and suppliers, so that all our products are of the right quality and customers receive all the necessary support when something does not work properly. The product Warranty period of course starts on the date of the sales invoice but critical to the terms and the most efficient management for each reported problem, is the Authorized Warranty Certificate that is obtained only from this portal.

We know that every relationship with the Client is unique and we try to treat it with the special care and attention it deserves. That is why we have created this portal, where with just a few clicks and very little time, we create an essential database of information about them and their history. Integrating this information with the data we have on all the products we sell, gives you the opportunity to all collaborating teams to serve our customers in the shortest possible time and intelligently.