About this Project

International Turkish Hospital IVF Center is a specialist one-stop fertility center with a highly successful track record, offering a comprehensive range of services for the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of both male and female infertility. These are carried out in a friendly, supportive environment tailored to the needs of every couple.

 Dr. Invitro has an unparalleled Fertility Program, with fully-screened anonymous or open donors of diverse multicultural-ethnic backgrounds which can be searched worldwide through secure online access. The program is flexible and cost-effective with individual or shared-cycle programs.

With a universally inclusive policy for a diverse community of prospective parents, Dr.Invitro focuses on helping their clients fulfill their dreams and their right to parenthood. Dr. Invitro provides a luxurious and nurturing boutique experience in Tirana, Albanian that is affordable.
For each of the treatments applied to couples, they are given full information about the procedure, the chances of pregnancy, and of course each couple has the opportunity to ask questions about the treatment, medication and how to get them, and everything else they want to know before taking any step in that direction.