About this Project

At Alb-Zeus, we are guided by the belief that there is always room for improvement in meeting customer expectations. The right items, on-time deliveries and high quality services in every aspect form the core of our work philosophy. We focus our efforts on the needs and satisfaction of customers, cooperating with them, in an effort to satisfy not only them but also partners and end users of our goods. Over 20 years of continuous improvement have given us experience, knowledge and expertise necessary to move to the stage of full digitalization and online communication, which will create new opportunities for further development for us and our customers. We are fully convinced that the only way to achieve our main goal, which is complete customer satisfaction, is to listen to the wishes of our customers and take care of every detail of our products.

Our services and capacities are constantly adapted to the wishes of our clients by following their demands and gaining their long-term trust.

The company is focused on its transport services to the markets of Western Europe. Most of the services are made to countries: England, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany.